Employment & Labor Law

Disciplinary Hearings

We handle all aspects of public employee disciplinary cases, including but not limited to demotion, termination, suspension, and fines. Whether you are a civil service or non-civil service employee, a police officer, corrections officer, firefighter, or sheriff’s officer, , we are equipped to handle your needs. We are able to handle your case, from the local hearings all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Contract Negotiations

The most important part of your employment is your contract. We work with unions throughout the state from initial negotiations, through interest arbitrations through PERC. We fight to obtain and preserve the raises, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment that they deserve.


There is nothing worse than an employer who refuses to fulfill their contractual obligations. We fight for the unions and individual members who are having their contractual rights violated. We work with you through the entire process, up to and beyond arbitration to get you the best possible result.

Pensions and Appeals

Should you become hurt or unable to perform your duties, you may be entitled to receive a pension. The pension process can be long, confusing, and complex. We help you through the difficult process of presenting your case to the Pension Board in order to maximize the benefit that you are entitled to receive.

Promotional Challenges

If you have been unfairly overlooked for promotion in your department, you may be able to challenge your employer and get the promotion that you deserve. We have helped many police officers and public employees who were unfairly denied or overlooked be promoted.