Workers Compensation

Any employee can be injured at work, even in careers that are not traditionally considered to be high risk.  Alterman and Associates, L.L.C. will represent any employee in the state of New Jersey who has been injured in an accident at work.

We understand that financial responsibilities can not be put on hold for a work-related injury.  Alterman and Associates, L.L.C. will fight hard to level the playing field between you, your employer, and the insurance company.  We will ensure that you get all the treatment that you need and all the benefits to which you are entitled while you are recovering.

If, after receiving medical treatment, you are found to be permanently injured or disabled, you are entitled to receive a monetary award from your employer.

Should your on-the-job accident result in your application for a disability pension, we are experienced in handling both aspects of such a case.  We work to get you the maximum benefits available through workers’ compensation, and will work to assist you in obtaining any other benefit, including a disability pension.