Municipal Court Matters

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets carry a wide range of penalties, including fines, motor vehicle points, insurance points, license suspension, loss of registration privileges, and jail time.  This can be very expensive and inconvenient.  If you or your family members are given a ticket, we will work to get the best possible result with the least amount of penalties for you.


New Jersey has some of the strictest DUI / DWI laws in the nation.  A conviction can result in points on your license, fines, license suspension, insurance surcharges, and jail time.  Such a conviction can also result in termination for law enforcement officers.  With one of the best DUI / DWI attorneys in South Jersey according to SJ Magazine (August 2008), we will fight for your driving privileges.

Drug Charges & Disorderly Person’s Offenses

Drug charges and Disorderly Person’s Offenses can yield high penalties, including jail time, license suspension, and fines.  Under NJSA 26:51-2A, it can also lead to forfeiture of employment.  These offenses can have a significant effect on your life.  We work to prevent harsh penalties and to vigorously fight for your rights.