Pensions & Appeals

We represent all NJ public employees throughout the entire pension process.  Whether you are filing for a service retirement after a long career or you unfortunately cannot work to an on or off the job accident, we vigorously fight to get you all of the benefits you deserve.   We Represent individuals before the New Jersey Police and Fireman’s Pension Board, the Public Employees Pension Board or the New Jersey Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund.

We help you navigate the government bureaucracy and present your case to the Pension Boards.  We help you get the right doctor reports, complete the applications and get you through the disability process to get you the maximum benefits allowed by law.

Should any of the Pension boards deny your application and leave you without benefits or cut your benefits we can help you appeal the decision of the board to get what you deserve.  We represent clients on credible service issues,  time purchase issues, and layoff/temporary service issues.